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Friday, 8 February 2019


This was what Ofsted inspectors had to say about Health & Safety at Hill House School

“The health and safety of both pupils and adults in the main school are severely compromised. The health and safety policy is not being implemented across all sites. No one has overall responsibility for health and safety or has had suitable training,” the Ofsted inspectors noted, attaching a long list of concerns, including fire exits that “represent an ever-present danger to pupils and staff”.

It's clear that the inspectors have not viewed the dangerous double and triple parking of parents as they drop off and pick up their charges. One day a child will be seriously hurt or killed.

For years the Council has tried to persuade the headmaster, Richard Townend, that the school has a responsibility for the safety of the children whilst being deposited and collected:
like Cllr. Weale Mr.Townend hears but does not listen. 
What an example to the children.

Compare Hill House with neighbouring Knightsbridge School in Pont St. 

Every morning and evening the school stations 2/3 teachers to ensure parents don't behave in the blatantly irresponsible manner of Hill House parents.

 At each end of the street these signs are placed. 
In addition, staff police parents and their vehicles.


  1. The parents of the rich kids at Hill House have little interest in Health and Safety. They want to brag that their kids "are at Hill House".

    And like Headmaster Townsend, they march to their own tune. Regulations are tedious and should be ignored when they have nothing to do with social status. Triple parking Range Rovers is the name of the game.

    As the Dame points out, Hill House is firmly in the Camp of useless Cllr Weale. "We listen but we do not hear". They need to be clobbered.

  2. Richard Townend has a problem. The problem is how can he live up to his father. It was always clear to observers that he could not and never would. But he is in position and it is a problem for him, the school's parents and the children.


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