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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


This reader clearly does not have much love for Mr Moylan, but then it's doubtful that there will be much groaning and gnashing of teeth.
Moylan and Cockell were very bad news for K&C. 
Mrs. Mills does need to start introducing the revivalist candidates. 
Let's hope that they are as good as she claims.

Dear Dame,

I intended to be hypocritically English in writing about the departure of Mr. Moylan.
I planned to talk of his Churchillian oratory and his kindness to little old ladies like you, dear Dame; I am, however, unequal to the task.

No Loss
He's going and this is the real reason. 
He needs money....and loads of it.
As the possibility of becoming leader became ever more remote Moylan decided to do a 'Pooter' Cockell and garner a raft of consultancies to keep himself afloat.

The going of Moylan, Warrick and others of their ilk might mark a watershed in the fortunes of the Conservative Party in K&C.

The tragedy of Grenfell Tower has been ruthlessly exploited by the extreme left in a way that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. 
Labour councils throughout the UK have used similar cladding to that of Grenfell. 
Had a similar tragedy occurred in Labour territory it's doubtful that they would have been subject to the same slings and arrows this council has.
But politicians across the spectrum have never been noted for their moral 'tone'

Cllr Julie Mills has used a wrecking ball in clearing out the old guard: it's now time for her to show her hand and her candidates. 
Let's hope that they are of the quality needed to fight the existential and fascistic menace of Momentum.

With the kindest regards, my dear Dame

A man in the street.


  1. More and more residents are beginning to worry about the threat of a hard left takeover of the Borough. If they do one thing is certain. Tax will go up and services demolished. If you want to know what life is like under hard Labour move to Tower Hamlets or Lambeth....corruption rife and a total mess

    1. I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous .If 'hard left' means providing council housing , providing adequate social care , then your politics must be far right of Genghis Khan. The Conservative ruling group were warned time and time again about Grenfell and 'wiffed' it away as though we were idiots. I'm sorry to inform you but the reaction in the Borough to the Conservative administration came from all sides of the political divide and all of us know where the blame lies - you are merely scaremongering ,- but the biggest 'scare ' of all to many residents is if the party responsible for Grenfell is returned to power - to perpetrate more crimes against those they are supposed to represent

    2. ' More and More residents ' anon 8.32
      Cockell,Pascall, Taylor Smith, Piglet,Rock Weilding Fellon, and so on and so on and so on. I can see all the Grenfell survivors worrying about next years council tax - not . You just don't get it do you. You day is over .

    3. Or perhaps more like Ealing? You know, that Labour-run London local authority that stepped in immediately after the fire to cover for RBK&C's general incompetency?

    4. What goes up must come down. It is the law.
      You had your time conservatives, move over.

  2. EX LABOUR NOW NOTHING13 December 2017 at 09:19

    This Council is doing a good job in trying to assist survivors. There are homes for all, but of course, it's never going to be enough. Why? Because Emma Dent Coad and her crowd of political gangsters are fomenting trouble amongst survivors.
    It's getting to be very dirty and in the end residents facing huge rises in council tax are going to shut down the sympathy vote. EDC and her crowd are not helping survivors just themselves and their own political agenda

    1. Welcome to the world of politics. The Tories need a Leader who can steer the party through this mess. That person is most certainly not the disastrous (in every dimension) Cllr Elizabeth Campbell

    2. I think EDC is just reflecting the views of those she represents . Perhaps the Conservatives should try this approach , instead of quaffing Champagne down at the Opera , discussing the new £450,000 for the new fire escape - whilst Grenfell survivors and children languish in hotels -' ah well never mind Piglet , Chin Chin - lets blame Emma and those horrible survivors and their families' . Allegedly some Conservatives ( you know who you are ) are in talks with property developers over the Grenfell site - Business as usual eh Chaps .

    3. 9.19 There is only one party in RBKC with potential criminals in their ranks - and that is the Conservatives . Unless of course the public enquiry has been rigged - ol piggy looked very confident at the Town Hall the other night . Don't worry civil prosecutions will follow a l a Hillsborough . We will have justice.

    4. Homes for all - what about the other 2700 on the Council waiting list and the 250 Children in hotel accommodation ? Why don't they give them these homes for all that 9.19 speaks of . Why doesn't the Council CPO the Sutton Estate .And 9.19 can you call up Sadiq Khan and let him know of all the spare Council houses in RBKC - its quite cold outside - what a novel idea - the council provides council housing for those in need .

    5. There's over 200 empty properties on the Sutton Estate - just lying there open to the elements - when a Charitable Housing Association is happy to leave properties empty instead of providing housing - then the Charitable Status needs to be revoked and the properties handed back to the Communities as they were acquired under dishonest means .

    6. I'm sure the Sultan of Brunei is bricking it over the Council Tax rise . Which has to be implemented due to previous incompetence of the Conservative administration not looking after RBKC assets. Corporate negligence wouldn't you say !

      Where to burn down next eh -

    7. 13.28 EDC is an opportunist - always was.

  3. Grasping, power seeking, dishonest crowd of reptiles.

    A great opportunity for a people of honesty and decency to present themselves for election to the Council

    1. Which means anyone who has anything to do with the Tories having nothing whatsoever to do with the elections . Go advance.

  4. Vote for us - we burn people alive - and while they are burning alive - we will not call immediately for a 'Gold Command ' we must protect the cash reserves . The survivors are unhappy - oh them they are just troublemakers -' do you know we might have to raise the Council Tax to pay for that lot '. What about the cash reserves that were meant to pay for this ? ' its all gone '
    What about the £19 Million for the survivors . ' Er we don't know '.

    What about all the survivors in hotels . ' Lucky them'

    What about opening the Maxilla so the under fives don't have to look at the Tower . ' There's lots of nursery places at the other nurseries '

    The kids are too scared to go there . ' Well i'm sorry but my mate owns the nursery that the kids don't want to go to and they will lose money '

    What about the fact Paget Brown lied on air to Channel 4 news about residents not wanting sprinklers ? ' Wait until the enquiry '

    Conservative Cover up in Progress . Vote for us for a strong and stable community , and you wont go cold this winter if we have anything to do with it .

  5. If the Council Tax has to go up - its to pay for the new Fire Escape at the Opera and Leighton House - look at next years Tory spending plans - completely out of touch .

  6. Goodbye and good riddance we say! Plus a few suggestions made here:

    1. Wow! What a resignation statement from Cllr Moylan!!!!

    2. Cllr Mills looks rather good with that chainsaw, well done THINK.

    3. Pompous, self gratification, horrible - good riddance!

  7. Tory Resident (Kensington)13 December 2017 at 16:43

    Make no mistake. Mills means business.

  8. Lizzy Dizzy "refuse to commit to putting sprinklers in all tower blocks"

  9. It's really good decision for people. It will be very helpful for peoples.
    A great opportunity for a people of honesty and decency to present themselves for election to the Council.

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