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Saturday, 9 December 2017


Sometimes the Dame gets rather over-familiar missives from some of the more quirky and common readers.

This is an example.....

Hi Dame

I hope you are in a festive mood and ready to migrate to warmer climes.

I want to share this idea with other Hornet readers

How about that hiving off Dalgarno, St Helen's, Golborne, Colville, Notting Dale, Pembridge, Norland and Notting Dale to Hammersmith and Fulham?
Then moving the remaining wards to Westminster?
In other words, get rid of K&C altogether.
There is a method in my madness....
If we re-organise in this way then the northern wards will sit comfortably with a Labour administration and the southern with a Conservative one.

But here's the real kicker:the entire Town Hall  site in Hornton St becomes redundant. 
It can then be razed to the ground and the ten-acre site sold off for mixed residential development.
It's got to be worth a billion or two.
What do you think, Dame?



  1. Hornton Street is now largely run as an extension of WCC, so it’s all beginning to look a little academic.

  2. So nice of that unnamed person to say where I might want to go without asking me.

    1. Just shut and do what we tell you

    2. The Hornton Street site would only be turned over to build the MOST EXPENSIVE UBER LUXURY properties in the Hornton Street area, so whats the point?

  3. A very elegant way to bury the Grenfell saga

    1. ........and a solution to the pox of Elizabeth Campbell and her Faulks and Weale Slaone Square set

  4. It would be a pity to lose the Royal Borough and move under the management of the rather infra dig Westminster. But I would resist my Ward (Abingdon) getting bunged into that den of robbers and Communists in Hammersmith. So long as this understood, the idea has my vote.

    It is very sad that policy has come to this. We have had a bad run of Leaders in the Royal Borough ever since the first class Cllr Elizabeth Christmas stood down. But these things pass and we are due for another "good un". Will Pascall and his charming wife Sarah comes to mind.....

    1. Lord Kensington 'Robbers and communists in Hammersmith' instead of murderers and crooks and paedos K and C.Hmmm

  5. £2 billion! That's three times the annual budget in Kensington and Chelsea spent by Honton Street. (Four years if fripperies like Holland Park Opera, Leighton House and the Arab festival are subtracted from the budget).

    And what a huge brown envelope this would create!!! The reptiles will start buying holiday homes in the South of France instead of Croatia.

    1. Sheer hell for the residents of Hornton Street and Campden Hill Road while demolition and construction goes on. My friend Martin Taylor will be beside himself with rage.

    2. Taylor is part of the Bildenberg Group and past Chairman. Fellow members Cockell and Moylan will fix things.

    3. Whats is Leighton House ? Surely the council hasn't been putting money into Council Housing ?

    4. @11:59 Interesting re: M Taylor. Was he on the past attendance list? Does he attend every year? I know, Cameron, Ed Ball, Gideon attended when they came to Watford. They built a steel wall around it, helicopters whizzing... security was!

      Afterwards, the Grove (hotel) had to be steam cleaned!! What did they do in there? We thought it was only a conference.

    5. I Have Had Enough10 December 2017 at 18:41

      Leighton House is a very expensive "museum" in Holland Park that is paid for by the Council Tax. One of the Hornton Street train sets.

      Lieghton House used to be the home of the delicate and fragrant Victorian bachelor painter, Lord Frederick Leighton. All of us can go and pay to see how this rather weird individual used to live. He had a thing for Arabs and their ways. Not surprising that Hornton Street runs its annual Noor Festival at Leighton House.

      Old habits die hard.

  6. Dear Dame

    Happy Christmas.

    Every good wish for 2018

    Thank you very much for everything you do.

    With kind regards,

    RBKC/KCTMO resident

    1. Dearest Dame
      Your many readers salute you! Long live the Dame.

    2. Thank you, my dear. It warmed an old lady's heart on this chilly eve.

    3. Thank you for your lovely wishes which the Dame reciprocates fulsomely

  7. Just put in a Labour administration and be done with it. 40 years of Conservative corruption ,then when it look''s like change in the ruling group, a change of boundaries is suggested. Turn the lights out on your way out.

    1. Don'be an fuc****g idiot. Labour controlled Lambeth is a hot bed of corruption and has been for decades. Read today's Sunday Times to find out about corruption in Tower Hamlets. Stop being a dickhead

    2. You cannot trust Labour to do the right thing anymore than the Tories10 December 2017 at 15:01

      13.33. You really are stupid. Don't forget that the Labour Councillor Emma Dent Coad was on the TMO Board for four years and she knew it was corrupt. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that the TMO saw off the many not the few. If Emma Dent Coad MP had blown theTMO sky high, evil would not have triumphed at the TMO and 70 people might still be alive.

    3. Emma Dent Coad was one of several council representatives on the KCTMO board 2008-2012, long before the Grenfell Tower refurbishment began.
      She was announced the new Kensington MP late on Friday 9 June and the Grenfell Tower fire began in the early hours of Wednesday 14 June. I seriously doubt that she as MP would have been able to stop the fire from happening by denouncing the KLCTMO in Parliament on the Monday or Tuesday...

    4. May be we should look into H&F corruption to see if we want to hop bed from one bad to another bad? Then we might just stick it with RBKC and make it better? Grass is always greener elsewhere until you find out!

    5. 15.01 here. Tom Stensson is being disingenuous!

      Emma Dent Coad by serving on the TMO Board, and by maintaining collective responsibility during her service on the TMO Board, played an integral part in the Council keeping its failing contractor, the TMO, to mismanage the Council's housing stock. If she had done the right thing and broken ranks with other TMO Board members, including the Council appointed puppets, the TMO would have been blown sky high and probably imploded. If the TMo failed to implode after she had blown it sky high, she would be able to sit back today and be exonerated from blame.

      If Emma Dent Coad had done the right thing, the TMO may well have folded before any works were carried out at Grenfell Tower and before 72 people perished.

    6. Yes, Emmas failure to explode over the TMO between 2008 and 2012 resulted in the TMO remaining in existence in 2017 for the Grenfell Tower disaster.

    7. Puppet on a string11 December 2017 at 14:50

      @18.48 Emma Dent Coad MP cannot be "exonerated from blame." By playing along with tenant management she was no more than a Council nominated "puppet."

  8. Not quite sure about the proposed dissection of the Borough. But wholeheartedly agree with the demolition of the Hornets Nets. This should have taken place long, long time ago...

  9. HAHAHA...
    I said to someone about a month ago, if they can find the way to, they'd make up an excuse to demolish the town hall and build another luxuary complex. They are obsessed! Please stop it now, your obsession has made many people ill. 500+ are under the care of mental health due to PTSD. In fact, you lot are mental and not fit to run the borough.

  10. The TODAY programme this morning carried a major feature on Grenfell. And they will do so again this week. Cllr Campbell was yet again shown up, wittering away in a completely useless fashion and continuing to dig that hole for the Tories.

    She and her colleagues have to realise that she is not up to the job and needs to move on immediately. How much more do they need to hear for goodness sake?

  11. Dear Dame,

    I have thought long and hard about this proposition since we first discussed the idea and I do not think that the site should be sold. I also do not think that the borough should be split up, despite its mismanagement in recent years ( but more about that later..... )

    Firstly, the library and underground parking should be retained ( the later supporting the former ). Second, the council should retain a freehold ( say 120 years ) and then work up a scheme for a 50:50 private/ social ( key worker ) mix in an appropriate architectural language ( complimenting and not fighting with the buildings opposite )and built ON TOP of the car park.

    I reckon that there could be 240 units on this site around a central square / green space and would create a truly mixed community.

    The existing council buildings are a monument to Nicholas Freeman's arrogance after he demolished the 19th C town hall overnight knowing that it would be listed.

    These are brutal and hideously ugly buildings with Orwellian interiors and should be cleared away. The council chamber in particular is like something out of 1984 or animal farm , with the names of previous councillors in jumbo text with a jumbo scale council coat of arms.
    One of the supporting animals is, appropriately, a pig - (well a wild boar - but you get the sentiment! ) . Lets clear away all of that negative energy.

    The council should acquire the cinema site ( where the fa├žade and marble staircases are still intact ) and build a new mixed use arts facility with cinemas, a large auditorium and a studio theatre which would double up as a conference hall and a council chamber.
    This could also house Opera Holland Park. It would form an amazing ARTS HUB with the new design museum and become a big economic driver for our flagging High Street.

    Finally, we could give over a lease so a developer could fully and sympathetically restore Holland House and use it as a boutique hotel at the centre of our glorious park.
    I could get the investors and support to do that - sound like a good set of ideas ???

    Lets improve our borough for everyone , not sell it off for yet more empty luxury flats

    I want something better for ALL of our community and for OUR Borough and will work to make that happen.....

    Lets do something positive with what we have instead of selling the family silver ( again ) dearest Dame.

    Yours sincerely ( Very )

    Guy Oliver

  12. Definitely controversial and over the top. Why should we want to lose Kensington and Chelsea and become part of Westminster or H and F. They are not utopia, - plenty of dodgy politicking going on, with Carbuncle buildings going up, rubbish collection once a week, libraries closing etc, etc. Yes there are plenty of things we don't like about decisions that the council has taken, and how they have ignored us, and I would be happy to see the back of many of the councillors, but take a look around and consider how many good things there are in this borough, and how many amenities and facilities we actually enjoy. There is now an opportunity to actually change how our council operates, and we can get rid of the councillors in May who just think it is business as usual.


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