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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Typically King's Rd
There was a time when King's Road teemed with interesting independent shops. Recent decades have seen all that change. Sky high rents and rapacious business rates made life impossible for niche retailers. This world famous road is now just an expanse of dreary and depressing foreign-owned chains, such as the hideous McDonalds.
If you love what is still special about Chelsea you should really care about the imminent destruction of the Farmers' Market. Its vibrantly eclectic collection of colourful and, more importantly, independent retailers, attract thousands of residents and visitors each week
DP9, the scheming, and devious planning consultants, submitted plans to raze the market to the ground and replace something we love with something we hate....more luxury flats for dodgy foreign investors.
So why did DP9 lodge the application in the midst of the main holiday season? 
There is only one explanation; their plan was to minimise objections. Was RBK&C in cahoots over this dishonest ploy? 
The question hangs in the air.....
Fortunately, in spite of DP9, over 150 objections were lodged.
The Farmers' Market is without any doubt an asset of community value and its potential destruction needs to be discussed at a full council meeting.
So we all have to sign the online petition urgently.
The Dame loves the Farmers' Market as much as you all do. Please sign the petition HERE it will take just seconds.


  1. more down and outs trying to save the past

    1. Don't be fatuous or the Dame will ban you for being a tedious bore

    2. RBKC love destroying heritage look at all the Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian properties demolished for empty houses.

      Marlborough school gone! For council's John Lewis mates and vile Mike Ashley.

      Earls Court, gone! For council's CapCo & DP9 mates.

      We have the names of all those involved in all of the destruction of the borough.

  2. it is a collection of wooden shacks. we can do better.

    1. Wooden shacks are not worth preserving in modern Chelsea. Replace them with some decent housing and turn a deaf ear to the down and outs trying to save the past

    2. I am afraid you are the sort of very common person now attracted to Chelsea.

    3. anonymous 15:38 & Tedious bore must be DP9 Goebbels propaganda section

  3. Towering, luxury housing is no use to anyone but the developers and the ultra wealthy, most likely to be foreign investors. An affordable housing mixed use development with the market at its heart would deliver benefits all round. Well done on the campaign and good luck. Alison

    1. Look across the road from Chelsea market empty property no shop no tennants.

      The bottom has fallen out of luxury property DP9 and council can't let go of it.

      Looking forward to Stanley Ward being run by Independent candidates.

  4. Kings Road - Chain store massacre, enough already!

  5. Kings Road - Chain store massacre, enough already!


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