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Monday, 5 August 2013


So Lynton Crosby has a cunning new plan to defeat UKIP: he wants to out the perverts and 'anti socials' believed by him to populate the ranks of UKIP coucillors.  He planned to get a fashionable lobbying company, Westbourne, to 'do the dirty'. 
Westbourne boss, James Bethell, advises payday lenders, like Wonga(but not Wonga), on how to look good so is obviously a real PR pro!

Sadly, it seems that one of the Westbourne guys leaked the idea!

But the Dame queries whether this strategy is a sensible one to pursue....
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Looking at our own council a number of Conservative councillors have been found to have very unhealthy sexual tastes. One, Andrew Lamont, narrowly escaped being locked up for possession of child pornography and was heavily fined....another, Mark Daley, was pushed out(unfairly) and our ex mayor and loudmouth, Barry Phelps, was kicked out for an artistic interest in very young boys.
Another, recently deceased (and a preacher, when not actively serving Mammon) was supposed to have had a young boy friend tucked away in a West End flat..... away from the prying eyes of his family!
One of the many emails, with his disgusting caption, sent out by Phelps, ex Mayor

Further....but not so far afield.... we have a couple of Boris's chums done for naughtiness and that arch trougher, My Lord Hanningfield, late leader of Essex CC who did some time for fiddling his expenses. Then Barnet cllr and mate of Boris, the vile Brian Coleman, who was collared for assault. Oh, and how about Pooter's adversary, ex Leader of Leicestershire CC, David Parsons? It seems his officers are still trying to loosen his grip on expenses he "inappropriately" claimed for trips to Europe....resonate with you Pooter?

So Lynton, this might not be one of your better ideas. The number of Conservative councillors done for expenses theft and criminal activity (like the odious Hannigfield and Coleman) far outweighs the supposed miscreants in the UKIP ranks.


  1. For an old thing the Dame pulls no punches!!!

  2. A rightwing witch hunt. Pots and kettles come to mind. Sounds like an excellent idea.

  3. This will backfire.

  4. The Tories are extremely short sighted to try this tactic. But an Australian will never understand why. There will be a very bewildered Crosby in 2014 when all kind of shit descends on his head. Silly man

  5. Farage will go to Town with this. Crosby will get his head blown off

  6. Totally agree with the Dame; before the Tories start critising other parties they should take a hard look at themselves and put their own house in order. David Cameron needs get tough on people who are taking the micky; just looking at Lord Patten and the BBC is enough to make me feel quite nauseous!

  7. Why stop at Councillors? The whole apparatus might as well be put under the microscope. Take for example the fragrant Tory Agent for Kensington and Chelsea. Jonathan Frazer-Howells. His boyfriend was sent to jail for embezzling. Of course the jailbird is now the "ex boyfriend". But they still own and run a hotel together in Spain.

    Does Crosby have any idea of the horrors that he is about to unleash on the Conservative Party?


  9. And the Evening Standard has a very interesting file on late Simon Miltons bf at Westminster Council

  10. Kensington Tory6 August 2013 at 14:23

    Someone needs to have a quiet word with Australian

    1. You must be joking. The only thing Australians understand is a shout and kick up the arse

  11. Low life persons

  12. If UKIP retaliates, Friends Of Moylan will have to go into damage limitation mode

  13. MATE OF MR PHELPS6 August 2013 at 19:59

    Yes, UKIP will be undiplomatic enough to demand to know of his undiplomatic behaviour whilst diplomatically employed in SA

  14. Fly On The Wall8 August 2013 at 12:58

    And they will be onto the puffer and Royal Borough Cabinet member in North Kensington

  15. Lynton Crosby has told colleagues that there is a bunch of poms in Kensington and Chelsea who need to be shafted and a Sheelagh who needs to be stuffed

  16. Who needed to be stuffed - Weatherhead, or Dent Coad?

  17. The fellow Aussie, Joanna Gardner?


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