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Friday, 23 August 2013


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It took little time for the redoubtable Grenfell Action Group to turn the tables on Miss Sarna, RBKC's Senior Solicitor and fire back a volley of reasons as to why the curious case of Miss Gohil and her running costs required scrutiny.

But before threatening the Group Miss Sarna needs to explain the basis upon which she is acting for a non Council employee. 
The Dame even wonders whether Miss Sarna might be prepared to give her some legal advice gratis.....

Anyway, read Grenfell Action Group's robust response here


  1. Looks like the Council don't like the murkier side of their operations exposed.

  2. There should be more groups like this in the Rotten Borough. Groups of people not afraid to stand their ground, and do their utmost to protect the community of which they are a part of!

  3. There are other groups who love their community and spent huge amounts of time and energy trying to support it. Sadly, the Council ignores us and demolishes our homes anyway, to build crass, shoddy, Communist-standard blocks that the Chinese approve of. Kudos to Grenfell Action Group. They're now living in a building site while their televisions and toasters explode, and more money has been spent by the Council in refusing to properly compensate them than if they'd just done the right thing weeks ago.

    It doesn't matter how hard we stand our ground, the power to do whatever they want lies with the Council, and they will spend as much taxpayers money to get their way as they need to.


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