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Wednesday, 23 January 2019


The Dame is delighted to put up this message from hard working Cllr Sof McVeigh. 
In the short time Sof has been councillor she has made a difference and it's been noticed by residents. 
The same plaudit goes to Cllr. Idris.

There seems to be a sea change taking place with councillors and officers beginning to understand they answer to residents.
The meeting Sof describes below is one part of the process and Ward residents really should try to attend otherwise these attempts at engagement become pointless.
The Dame may or may not attend but she leaves one admonition....Cllr Weale, you are one of the longest-serving ward councillors but you are the least engaged with residents.
You are now being paid around £40,000 a year and we expect to see you make considerably more effort to perform your role and justify your chunky allowance!

Dear local residents of Brompton and Hans Town,

Hopefully, you have heard of this, but if not I wanted to let you know of a local event next week, where you can give your views, concerns and issues direct to the leadership team of the council and your 3 local ward councillors too.
The listening forum - 7pm, Monday Jan 28th
Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue

The Leadership Team will be:
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - leader
Cllr Taylor-Smith - deputy leader & Grenfell and housing
Cllr Wills - Family and children’s services and schools
Cllr Weale - Finance and modernisation
Cllr Faulks - Skills and enterprise
Barry Quirk - CEO - will be there and there will be 2 or 3 facilitators from the Democratic Society, and some governance and communications officers.

Please do come and say hello, and please spread the word about the event - the more feedback we get the better, so we can work for K&C residents effectively and enable our ward and the Borough to thrive.


  1. Great stuff. Long overdue. Lets hope that long abused and antagonized residents show up.

    1. The mere mention of the presence of Cllr Weale will keep residents away from the meeting. Poison.

  2. Dizzie meeting the home crowd in Brompton. Sloane Rangers step forward

  3. Is this meeting open to all K&C residents or to Brompton and Hans Town ward residents only?

    Also, who are the governance and communications officers who will be attending the meeting? Thank you.


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