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Friday, 7 December 2018


Stanley Davis was just three months old when he died from
catastrophic injuries inflicted by those supposed to be caring for him.
The little boy had been in and out of hospital suffering from broken bones and a brain bleed. 
Despite this, the parents were allowed to keep him prolonging his agony. 
Death must have been a release.

Derek Benson, chairman of the Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board, has confirmed that a review is being carried out of the handling of the child's care by the authorities. 

A person of interest in this tragedy is Benson himself.
In his LinkedIn entry, this retired policeman boasts that "he balances being independent chair of three Children Safeguarding Boards...Worcestershire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight."
The dullard also advises Key6 Group recently slammed as being unfit for purpose by Ofsted.LINK
Looking after vulnerable children is the most important role a council can perform but Benson boasts that he's performing a balancing act as if he's some sort of juggler!

He's unfit to chair one board let alone three.


  1. How on earth is a mid ranking copper allowed to be chair of THREE boards

  2. Yet another example of how useless, pointless, and futile the Nanny State is. These cases, like child abuse, are difficult and unfortunate. There is no quick fix. The solution lies in education, values and role models. And the safety net should be family, friends and immediate community eg neighbors.

    There is enough evidence, over many years, that the Nanny State operates like a sponge that absorbs reconstructed Socialists and recycled policemen. Who bleat and draw a salary. Hopeless.

  3. Sounds like a terrible story but, forgive me for asking, the connection with RBK&C is....?

    1. No connection. Does there have to be?

    2. "The everyday blog of RBKC and those who claim to represent it"

    3. We Love The Dame!10 December 2018 at 18:33

      The Dame decides relevance not some old bird like you with a funny beak

  4. Not sure what happened to these dreadful parents. But an exemplary punishment should be handed out to act as a deterrent to others. What we do not want is socialist clap trap that they were abused parents, inadequate people, came from broken homes, blah, blah, blah, and they need understanding and help.

  5. The main thrust of this story is applicable to this and every council. Too many of the wrong people doing too many quango type jobs. Hornbill fails to see the connect between this story and our council. There are councillors chairing committees where they have nil experience. Mr. Benson is a prime example. He is an ex copper with a degree from the Uni of Portsmouth( a great academic institution!) This, he feels allows him to 'balance' three vitally important jobs! His ignorance is balanced only by his arrogance....

  6. Well, Dear 07.52 and 9.05, I can see Hornbill’s point. If the Dame is going to start reporting on every shocking story then she will have hundreds of posts every day. Abusive parents and idiot public servants are a dime a dozen. If she were to broaden her scope into other corrupt rotten idiot councils beyond our own, then she should report on matters truly frightening to the ordinary law-abiding citizen. Take for example councils that remove children from their parents for, as the judge said “utterly insubstantial” and “obviously inconsequential” reasons (Carmarthenshire county Council - 2018), or the case in 2015 against Hampshire County Council where the judge found social workers lied under oath. Or councils that say you can’t play the piano at home (RBKC - 2016) or you can’t have friends over and hold parties (Westminster - 2018). Thankfully the judges in all of these cases have some common sense and found against all of these councils. As Ronald Reagan is known to have said, “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.'"

    1. Please, let us have no more insolent comments as to whether the Dame can write about issues seemingly external to our Royal Borough.
      There is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy: do not appoint unqualified people to perform tasks requiring superior skills. It happens often in K&C and other local government organisations.
      Derek Benson was appointed by Hampshire CC despite an awareness that he was performing the same role for two other county councils. He talks of balancing the three roles! Balancing jobs that keep our children safe?
      And should some retired copper be the right man for job? And further, should he be triple jobbing?
      So, If the dear Dame decides to use the example of one council's ineptitude to remind us of the need to have the right people in the right place she will.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention councils that ban children from climbing trees, flying kites or playing with remote control cars.....this is not just the Nanny State, this is Big Brother!

    1. Nanny State. Close it down and stop wasting money.

  8. Stories like this need more exposure. Chairing a Safeguarding Children Board is not the same as running multiple companies. One should dedicate and invest themselves fully into one organisation and ensure that things like this never happen. Unbelievable.


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