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Monday, 23 January 2017


Dear Dame
I hope you are well and keeping warm on these chilly days.
Mentioning definitely ran down my spine when I saw the latest interview from Gary Yardley of Capco ( or Crapco as we call them round these parts) . 

Greasy Gary having breakfast with Mr James of Soho Estates.
Soho Estates, the property empire of gangster and
pornographer, Paul Raymond(dec'd)
It is certainly, to my mind, a contender for the Booker Prize for fiction. Gary rambles on about Capco building a New District for London. 
Is the vulgarian idiot aware that Earls Court has been in existence for a lot longer than Capco? 
The area, now Earls Court, is itself mentioned in the Domesday Book as being the manor of Kensington. The earls, of those times, held their Manorial Court in what is now Old Manor Yard. So why are Capco telling us all they are building a New District in London to be known as Earls Court? And why are RBKC and the 'never present' Mayor, Sadiq Khan, letting them spout this old tripe?
Capco continue to poo poo anyone against their development, oddly stating they are not building for people today but for those in the future! 
Do they imagine a new generation of 'tiny folk'?

One thing I found very interesting is  that Greasy Gary says they have been working with RBKC officers for the past ten years so that would be 2006?
Well, that doesn't fit with what we are all told. If they were planning to knock down the exhibition centre and estates that far back why was it hidden from us all?  
Capco  says on the that the London Mayor ( Boris) recognised it as part of the London Plan as an Opportunity Area in July 2011 ??? with the plans approved in 2013. So, if the area was not recognised until 2011 how could Capco have been working with the council on it since 2006 ? Capco are telling monstrous lies.

I also note he talks of Pocket Living.... 'developer bullshit' for flats you cannot swing a cat in: not that I would let one of my cats near a Capco flat, they are very choosy felines, with great taste.

My best Regards


  1. Probably was working with RBKC officers since 2006. Just like Notting Hill Prep got the North Ken Library building back in 2013 as an election bribe not to run candidates against the Tories in 2014, and the Silchester Estate is bound for demolition even though they won't announce this until September. And many more behind the scenes unsavoury deals ...

  2. Brown envelopes flying around.

  3. MANY Councillors are getting filthy rich from filthy deals.... Fair enough, some may say, as the Council elections are not that far away and they should make hay while they can....

    1. One Earls Court councillor is doing well from CapCo

  4. Visionary, caring and philanthropic, Capco is clearly the new Messiah among developers. I deduce this from this interview at that talks about Earls Court (Selected quotes. Fill in the blanks as you will )

    'The focal point is really in the retail mix’ ..........

    ‘ residents... trust us now’ ...............

    'we’ve had very few complaints for a scheme of this scale'.............

    ' the company is spending a lot of money and time replacing all 760 homes with equivalent properties, for free’ ...................

    'We’re going to give these people better homes and better life chances.'.......................................

    '..I’m very worried we now might be producing places ... that aren’t as good as we had. That’s a terrible indictment if that’s where we end up.' ............................

    'Capco has ,... never had a planning application rejected by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).'

    'London needs to grow in a way that facilitates all the things that are great about the city, not one that destroys them'........................

    'Frankly if we can’t create a scheme with great transport links, where people can feel safe and secure yet still enjoy open spaces rather than a gated community, then we should be shot.'.................................................

    1. Residents do not trust Gary Yardley, CapCo, Keltbray & the Council.

      We have been spied on by CapCo and their stasi the council. This is one of the largest corruptions taken place by the council which does not only involve councillors but officers and the entire Conservative party from local government to Parliament; Borwick, Pickles, Boris Johnson, Rifkind to name a few.

      We residents our unable to use our gardens and patios, or even open our windows because of toxic dust and noise from 8am-6pm. Our Saturday mornings are ruined by noise and dust again from 8am-1pm, barey resdints get a day of peace.

      Our health and safety has been sidelined and ignored by Health and Safety executive and the Enviromental department.

      The dust has somehow even inveigled itself into our homes.

      Many residence in Philbeach and Eardley Crescent have large cracks throughout their homes and subsidence due to Keltbray dropping huge pieces of concrete from great heights. Complaints ignored by the Enviromment department not one complaint in two years investigated.

      Best example is the Church on Philbeach which has subsidence and a rare tree destroyed.

      Our cars are covered in dust and no repayment or care from CapCo, Keltbray and Council.

      We cant wait for 2018 election when Conservative councillors are voted out.

      To repeat residents do not trust CapCo and this is poor journalism from Property Week.

  5. "Capco have never had an application refused by RBKC..." some of us still remember the jailing of Mr Goldring, a former planning officer at RBKC.

  6. Reading anonymous 16:06 two thoughts occur: why can't the Standard carry out some real investigative journalism (it is meant to be a newspaper after all) and report on the CapCo blight of Earls Court? Secondly will some residents prepare to stand as independent candidates in 2018?

    1. The Evening Standard have been contacted many times, they are not interested , makes you wonder why. seems they are no longer a paper for truth or real journalism just another crony .

    2. Standard & Mail in same offices and are up to the necks in it. Daily Mail's DMGT have invested in CapCo scheme, their journos won't touch this either & CapCo have given Conservative party 'donations'.

      There is a connection between P&O who owned Earls Court and the Mail.

      Dave Hill used to report on this but he is just another SJW, Guardian could have the Mail, RBKC and Developers over a barrel over this scandal. The seriousness of it all would involve a public inquiry as well as police and SFO investigations.

      Lebedev the Russian owner of the Standard have written flattering articles on CapCo, but have not reported conflicts of interest, corruption and underselling of public land to CapCo.

  7. Big clear out required

  8. There are available for all of the aspirants NEST Application Form 2017. Apply Online as soon as possible for the NEST Application Form.

  9. Where are the MPs here. Greg Hands and Victoria Borwick constantly sit on their hands whilst residents are made ill from worry and stress.

    On another note Lord Borwick had to declare an interest knowing Jonathan Bore read it here

    Bore is doing public scrutiny; who would have thunk it, eh.

  10. At the Planning Committee last Thursday, Cllr Linda Wade was active by voting in favour of the CapCo planning application.
    Cllr Spalding resigned himself from the Committee saying that he had been an objector at all the previous CapCo applications and had led and organised all the community speakers against CapCo. He had also objected and spoken against the current application when it was at the outline stage, so he was predetermined against.
    Cllr Spalding also said that he had been at various community events which had been sponsored by CapCo such as the Christmas tree lighting in Earl’s Court Road; the past Community Carol Concerts; several of the previous years’ EC Society AGMs and the EC Film Festival.
    When challenged by the Chairman Cllr Marshall, Cllr Wade said she had never attended any of these events, sponsored by CapCo. Cllr Wade was pouring the drinks, paid for by CapCo at the EC Road turning on the Christmas lights evening; part taking in CapCo sponsored EC Society AGM and many other local events sponsored by the developers of EC Exhibition Centre.
    Cllr Spalding did not take part in the planning committee decision, but Cllr Wade did, voting for CapCo.
    Cllr Wade also had two Traffic Wardens sitting in her street outside her flat all day for the whole of last year, in case any demolition lorries made a noise outside her flat. Who paid for that – the Council or CapCo?
    Cllr Linda Wade has also been in secret talks with CapCo trying to get funding for her Church project.
    LIAR, REMOANING LIMP DICK (sic), EC deserves better. Roll on the local elections next year when EC can elect 3 Tory councillors who will work together for the benefit of our Ward.

    1. This statement should be cleared up EC Spook please could the Dame have Cllr Wade confirm any of this.

      The only people sitting on that road permanently are hi viz Keltbray dunder heads at the Warwick road end of Wade's road. Not sure if you mean wardens or workmen please confirm.

    2. Is this the same Church in Philbeach where Spalding lives that has subsidence due to CapCo’s demolishers Keltbray? Not abiding by health and safety we expect.

      Will local Conservatives get the Council to act?

    3. EC Spook if you think Conservative councillors are the answer to Earls Court's problems you have seriously lost the plot.

      We've lost local businesses, with business rates set to rise, lost billions from demolishing Earls Court and Post Office replaced by a Paul chavy bakery.

      Spalding should tell us how much money he has received from CapCo. He's never denied it!

      You must have received this in an email as you have cut and pasted this and left in the (sic) "LIAR, REMOANING LIMP DICK (sic)" why be rude and fowl mouthed about the only councillor residents have time for.

      Spalding is wetting himself, local conservatives circling the wagons.

      What a poor executed post you have made, now we know who is behind it. Silly sausage.

    4. You have just been outed as a REMOANING LIMP DICK (sic) Anonymous.

    5. EC Spook you have just been outed see comment in previous post.

      "Spook is mistaken Linda Wade voted against Capco for the first important section . I was present at the Planning Meeting perhaps Spook was not. I suspect this is not the only error made by Spook some of whose allegations seem absurd.
      Philippa Jill Manasseh"

      EC Spook Would you like to elaborate on why you have made this statement? Whhy do you keep on using curses, not one of the Dame's Hornets we see.

  11. "Capco have never had an application refused by RBKC..." Sadly this was confirmed last Thursday as their planning application for the land opposite the tube exit on Warwick Rd was approved. Councillors who voted AGAINST Capco were Cllr Bakhtiar (Lab), Dent Coad (Lab), Nicholls (Con), Thompson (Lab) and Wade (Lib Dem). Cllr Spalding absented himself from the vote - could it be so he did not have to vote against Capco?

    1. Spalding might have to declare his earnings from the developer.


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