Friday, 13 June 2014


Derek Myers, ex Town Clerk of the Rotten Borough and architect of  the Tri-Borough disaster represents all that is bad in local government.

Despite this the Dame hears that Myers-quite unemployable outside local government, has been given a knighthood!

Not that a K carries much kudos looking at the low life types who pick 'em up these days....(yes, Pooter)
But it says a lot about the decline of this country when one looks at the quality of recipients.

At one time K's were reserved for  self effacing people:those who had made a major contribution to public life-not enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayer. (yes, Pooter)

Let's take a look at Myers....

This is a man who cost K&C taxpayers the thick end of £280,000 a year and a platinum plated pension of over £100,000 a year.
Myers refused to ever countenance a salary reduction, despite continual adverse press coverage. 
Dismissing comment by Fat Eric Pickles that no local government pen pusher should earn more than the PM Myers said it was none of his business!

So why did Cameron reward this mediocre ex social worker, already fat at the poor taxpayer's expense.....we should be told!


  1. What on earth makes you believe this?

  2. The Dame has censored this and every other anti semitic comment.
    Her blog....her right

    1. I made an innocent comment that Cockell, Myers and Rifkind were all Jewish and so no one could say there existed anti semitism and the Dame who goes on and on about not censoring took them down. Shame on you Dame. You are a hypocrite

  3. This is the man who gave Pooter permission to use the Mayor's Bentley in order to "save taxi fares". It was entirely coincidental that Pooter gave Mr Myers a salary increase to £280k so that he became the highest paid Town Clerk in Britain

    1. Myers also signed off Cllr Cockell's $400 dinner bill on a Saturday evening at The Four Seasons restaurant in New York when Pooter entertained a friend "whose name he forgot".

  4. Before the era of the Dame, when Cockle was taking tax paid jollies to the US on the tax payer, he found out that if Myers signed off his expenses he could travel First Class to the Big Apple (after arriving and leaving Heathrow in the Mayor's Bentley). Cockle immediately stopped presenting his expense claims to the London Councils who would only sanction economy travel

  5. Hornet readers will recall that the Dame ran a huge campaign to stamp out the joint abuse of power by Cockell and Myers which initially produced silence, and then denial and then panic. Pooter wrote to the local Newspaper to say that "he never used the Bentley, he always travelled by tube". Myers then took evasive action and changed the K&C expenses rules so that Councillors could no longer travel First Class. The rules were "ambiguous" he quaintly stated. The Dame complained to the Standards Committee about the Pooter porky that "he never used the Bentley" and stooge Lady Hanham (Chairman of the Committee and close friend of Pooter) wrote a report stating that Pooter was engaging in "political rhetoric" and it was really time for the Dame to grow up.

    Sophisticaion - Hornton Street style

  6. Sir Derek Myers, after lunch "tennis" player. Vigorous fellow.

    1. Arise, Sir Derek

    2. I think it does a great deal of 'arising' when 'Lady' Myers is not around.....

    3. Lady Myers has better things to do. A senior Civil Servant with an inflation proof pension to build up she is concentrating on what is important in life after Derek "the racket"

  7. Fly On The Wall14 June 2014 at 11:00

    Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell would like it to be known that he congratulates Sir Derek Myers on his recognition for public service. SIr Merrick looks forward in eager anticipation to receiving his next gong so that he can keep ahead in the status stakes

  8. What a lot of small-minded, mean-spirited, jealous comments. I worked for Derek for about 10 years and thought he was a first class, inspirational Chief Executive. I don't know of any of his senior staff who thought otherwise either. During his time, the Council saved tens of millions of pounds to offset poor Government settlements and which kept important services running which would otherwise have been cut or reduced. His work with SOLACE and in local government generally points the way for Councils in the future. He well-deserves the honour. Instead of carping on, why not be pleased that the Council, through Derek, has been given the recognition it deserves.
    Incidentally, why are most of the comments on this blog anonymous - too frightened to be identified? Anonymous comments are in the same category as anonymous letters - to be ignored.

  9. So you worked with Myers and expect us to take your character assessment of him seriously? Yours is the usual sort of flim flam we expect from this club of overpaid senior local authority officers. As for's no more than a talking shop for self serving senior officers....none of whom would survive in the profit driven private sector.
    You claim Myers saved 'tens of millions of pound'. Is that not the job of a well paid Town Clerk of any competence.?
    RBK&C is the smallest, richest and easiest to manage of all UK boroughs.
    It is one of the great mysteries of our times how Myers and Cockell managed to position themselves as the top of the salary and allowance pile.
    For the Town Clerk of a small council to be paid close to £280,000 a year beggars belief. And Myers's defence of Cockell's abuse of the Bentley by suggesting it 'saved taxi fares' is just beyond priceless.
    But congratulations Mr Bishop.... a superb piece of sycophancy!

  10. What a paean of praise for Sir Del...
    And who might Mr Bishop be.... so obsequious in his praise?
    Mr Bishop has every reason to be over Sir Del like a cheap suit. There aren't many humble personnel officers with salaries and add ons matching our Prime Minister.
    And who should he thank? None other than Derek Myers.
    Put a sock in it never deserved close to £150k a year. More than the personnel manager of a FTSE 250 company

  11. Donald Cameron16 June 2014 at 21:11

    This little bit of indignation from Mr Bishop made me smile. Proof positive that a cabal of self indulgent and self satisfied honchos were running Hornton Street under Derek Myers. "He saved money and was a great boss". Well, Mr Bishop, on £250k plus we expect nothing less from a Town Clerk. But senior managers need to be sensitive to their environment (which is usually unique) and show that they are up to the challenges. Mr Myers' environment at K&C was a Conservative monopoly, a Leader seduced by 14 years in office and a complacent electorate of residents working hard to pay the school fees and the mortgage. Hornton Street was out of site and out of mind so long as the dustbins were collected on time. But when rate payers had occasion to lift the stones and find that the Town Clerk was authorising jollies for the Leader in North America, including expense claims for entertaining strangers, and improper use of facilities such as the Bentley, it became clear that the Town Clerk was too inclined to expediency. And so he was hammered by the Hornet. And rightly so. If you have a different opinion of these specific assertions I would be interested to see them. Please blog.

  12. EX CLLR LAMENT16 June 2014 at 21:32

    I bet silly old Bishop had kept his own counsel.What a beating up from Downes and Cameron!


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